Some Information About Adrian

I am a gay man in Chicago. I am a pagan, a polytheist, and a lover of the Earth. I have been a vegan since 2010.

I am an initiate into the Outer Order and a Celebrant for the Brotherhood of the Phoenix, a neopagan order for men who love men. I am on the Council of Guardians for the Chicago Temple in the role of Magister (president), and a member of the National Council of Guardians in the role of Bursar.

I have presented a number of times to The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment on topics ranging from Mystery Cults in the Roman Empire, to John Michael Greer and the Steampunk Future, to “Food of the Gods”, a presentation combining comparative mythology and ethnobotany.

I have appeared as a guest on Magick Radio Chicago, speaking about Veganism and Spirituality.

I have a BA with an English Major from Macalester College in St. Paul. My ancestors were from western and northern Europe. I love classical music, art, theater and film. I am a Steampunk enthusiast. I am amateur gardener and I love farmers markets.

2 comments on “Some Information About Adrian

  1. Anne Atjecoutay says:

    Your blog is great !
    I was Jewish raised by my father and Pagan by my mother.
    My husband is Ojibway (Native American)
    We are both Vegan and active in antispecism and animal liberation.
    We are both XXXVXXX
    We hope the vegan pagan/animists will join forces and support each other in strenght and friendship.
    Wishing you beauty on your path…

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