Pagan Pride, Brotherhood of the Phoenix, and a New Presentation

I am giving a presentation for The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment on this coming Sunday, October 26th. I gave a talk last year that had a lot of positive feedback and this time I am including an experiential component. I will talk about foods associated with gods and goddesses from around the world and include a tasting portion of each food for the group.

Here’s more information about the event Food of the Gods Event Page (Facebook).

The Owen Society is such a great group. I am still insecure about speaking in public, since it’s not something I do too often. This also has the added “out of comfort zone” element that the location is not one I know. Nitecap Coffee is supposed to be a great place, but I don’t really know the location or the neighborhood. It’s a familiar group though, so I’m looking forward to it more than I’m nervous.

In other news, I continue to grow in my own Pagan path, even though I haven’t been keeping up with my journal on this blog the way I would like. I was lucky to attend the Chicagoland Pagan Pride event in Oak Park. I had been to this event a few years ago, but not recently. It has grown larger, with more vendor tents, as well as the workshops and rituals. At first I was feeling very isolated, but after I ran into a number of friends, I was more comfortable. I was also asked to participate in the main ritual, which was a great experience. I was a “season” (Lughnassadh) which was one spoke in an 8 part web that the participants wove.

My involvement with Brotherhood of the Phoenix continues to grow. We have had several public rituals over the past couple months and I actually “recruited” someone to come along. He’s someone I’ve known for a while, but I ran into him at Pagan Pride and he was mentioning his desire for a “queer coven”. That’s not quite what the Brotherhood is, but I thought as a group for pagan men who love men, it may fit the bill. He seemed to really like the Ecstasis ritual, so I hope to have helped him on his path by talking about my own.